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white river arkansas trout fishing
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white river sunset trout fishing
Fishing Rates: $225 per 8hr day for 2 people
Lodging/Fishing: $275 for 1night/1day, 2 people


            (1245 bytes)eard's Guide Service gives you the most options in meals, lodging, and guided trout fishing.  Men, women, children, groups, experienced trophy trout fishers, beginners, fly fishers, all are welcome at Beard's. We have options for any trout fishing plans you have!

If all you want is a day of trout fishing with a top notch guide, but no meals or lodging, give us a call.  If you plan to fish for two or more days and want flexible meal and lodging options, give us a call.  Whether it's just you, or you and a few friends, or a larger group, one day or multiple day trips, consider all the options we present in this Web site.  Then call us with a description of what you'd enjoy, and we'll help you finish making plans.

We know that a truly wonderful trout fishing trip means catching trophy trout. But it also means enjoying the total trip experience. It is just as important to enjoy great meals, comfortable lodging, and to have fun on the river in between fish catches. A White River trout fishing trip with a high level of satisfaction means flexibly in all aspects of the trip, not just the fishing! Explore our dining, lodging, and fishing pages to see just how flexible and fun a trip with Beard's can be! Any photo you see is clickable to more details.

The Value of Good Boats & A Good Guide

If you have never been on a guided fishing trip you may wonder just what a guide offers that you can't do for yourself. And if you have been on a guided fishing trip, you know what it is that makes or breaks a good guided trip. You need an experienced guide who pilots a safe and comfortable fishing boat.

While the White River is not a rough-flowing river with rapids, it does have a strong, flat current, and it is easy to sink a boat if you aren't familiar with these currents. Running the shallow shoals and strong currents requires the use of a long, narrow, flat-bottomed watercraft called a "John" boat. An experienced river pilot with a good John boat makes your trip seem safe and effortless.

Your comfort in the boat is also important. You need room to move about from time to time, which means a wider, longer boat. You need a swivel chair that makes sitting down a comfortable experience for several hours while turning to cast from one side of the boat to the other. You need room for your feet, your gear, and a place to land all those fish you'll catch. All of these reasons are why Beard's uses the best river John boats money can buy. You are paying for more than our knowledge of how to catch trout. You are also paying for boating comfort and safety!

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Beard's Guide Service
David Winters with another nice Brown.

Photo Tour

river mist
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white river trout fishing

Email: beardsguideservice@gmail.com

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fly fishing on the White River

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